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TURF PRO LANDSCAPING has developed a great workflow over the years, and we wanted to share with you how we approach our jobs.

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The first step in our design process is an in-person meeting on site to discuss what features you would like represented in a design custom created by our in-house design staff. The Turf Pro team member will provide our Design Package booklet that outlines what is included in each package. The booklet can be found digitally here. The Turf Pro team member will take any necessary measurements, site inventory, photos and notes in order to provide the perfect design for your project. A design quote will be provided for you to decided which package level you would like created.


The next step…Presenting our design to you! Depending on the extent of the project, our in-house design team may be in conversation with you to discuss preference of materials and other decisions throughout the design process. This is where you get to see what it can look like. Our PROessential package may only include a 2D plan but this may be enough for you to visualize the project. For larger projects, we recommend the PROcomplete and PROcompletePLUS packages so you can be sure about your landscaping investment. Depending on the package purchased, changes can be made here for the design to make you happy.


Where do we go from here?...Well we make those adjustments for you to create your final design. Here all the details are worked out, positioning of landscape aspects, choice of materials, plant types and much more. We’re sure you’re going to love the vision we can come up with for you, no matter how small or big. Once all the details are smoothed out, we create an installation quote for the project. Our highly experienced Design|Build crews can take these visions and bring them to life. An installation date will be set. Permits will be acquired. A quick landscape project preparation and pre-planning meeting will be held before the work on your dream begins. We will also conduct a site pre-planning meeting with yourself and our installation foreperson. Clear communication is key to the successful completion of your project. The Turf Pro Design|Build team will make communication an easy and enjoyable experience. Of special note is the assurance that once your project begins, our installers will complete your job before moving on to the next job. With the highest quality of installation as well as top quality materials from several local suppliers, Turf Pro can be at your side from the very start of your dream project to a finished oasis.


Final inspection. Your dream is complete, but before you sign off, the Turf Pro team will make a final site walk through with you to make sure you are completely satisfied with your project. The final invoice will be reviewed; and warranties explained.


Enjoy! Now that your dream landscape is 100% completed, enjoy it! Turf Pro Landscaping also provides other services such as: lawn and garden maintenance packages, future enhancement designs and seasonal urns. These and other services will help to keep your dream just the way you pictured it. If you like to maintain your property yourself, then be sure to check out our blogs page which has lots of information and #PROTips on how to improve and maintain your oasis yourself.


Now that your dream is on paper, let one of our highly skilled and experienced crews build your dream. We use only the highest quality materials and take time to do the job right the first time.

Are you ready to have your property transformed? Let Turf Pro Landscaping do the transformation for you. Our install teams are trained to use the best products and to do the job right the first time. Spend more time outside, relaxing with family and friends. Let Turf Pro build an amazing outdoor living space for you. Let Turf Pro enhance your outdoor living experience.

Creativity, knowledge and experience allows us to design/build landscapes that are tailored to fit your lifestyle and budget. Once designed, our staff professionally install the project. Hardscapes such as interlocking brick patios, walkways, and walls, decks and fences, arbors and water features all provide the necessary frame for a beautiful landscape. Add to that the softscapes that speak to your senses. Plants of various size, shape, texture, fragrance and colour. Upon completion of your dream landscape, we offer summer and winter maintenance services.


Since 1983, Turf Pro Landscaping has provided premium lawn maintenance service for London and area condominium, commercial and single residential properties.

As a property manager, you require a dependable, service oriented contractor. As a homeowner, lack of time, interest or ability are all valid reasons to hire a maintenance contractor. Whatever your reason to hire a landscape maintenance contractor, be assured that Turf Pro is a premier choice.

1. Lawn and garden maintenance. Contracts can be tailored to your needs. Customers may opt to have Turf Pro provide weekly lawn cutting only, however most clients desire a full maintenance contract that includes weekly lawn cutting, garden cultivating and weeding, trimming shrubs, debris pick up. Most contracts also include a spring and fall clean up.

2. Lawn applications. Did you know that a thick lawn is the best defence against unwanted weed growth? Additional services that will help provide a thick lawn are aerating, fertilizing and slit/over-seed. Annual aeration of lawn areas opens up the soil surface to allow water, oxygen and fertilizer to penetrate the ground. This is extremely helpful in heavy clay soils. Regular fertilization is a necessary factor in creating a thick lush lawn. We suggest 3-4 applications per year. Slit/over-seed is when new grass seed is mechanically installed into existing lawn areas. This helps to maintain a thick lawn. For the past several years, we have been using “hardy grass seed”. The lateral root growth of this particular grass seed combined with its’ genetically hardy nature ensures great results.

3. Mulching of garden areas. Various wood mulch products such as pine, cedar and hardwood are available. Installation of a 2 inch layer of mulch will significantly reduce the amount of weed growth as well as retain much needed moisture.

4. Litter pickup. Commercial sites may require additional litter pickups to keep the site clean. This service can be arranged.

snow services

Snow clearing services are provided for condominium, commercial and single residential customers. Our contracts are tailored to your needs. Services can include snow clearing and de-icing as well as snow relocation and removal.

turf pro landscaping

Our core values have created the Truf Pro culture. They are:
  • honest & / relationships
  • respected & nurtured customers
  • trained & motivated staff
  • specialized & maintained equipment
  • fair & reasonable prices

turf pro landscaping

turf pro landscaping