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The Top 10 Winter-Friendly Landscaping Ideas

December 9, 2019

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When the weather gets colder and the snow begins to fall, the colourful beauty of your summer garden often becomes a distant memory.

However, your garden and landscaping doesn’t have to suffer during the Winter months. In fact, many perennials and shrubs can survive and even thrive in cold, snowy climates. By incorporating these plants into your landscaping, you can enjoy your outdoor space all year along.

Some plants are significantly tougher than others when it comes to cold climates. Here are 10 of the most reliable, hardy plants that can handle the demands of winter and still come back beautifully in the Spring:

birch trees

Birch Trees
In Canada, birch trees are considered to be an iconic staple in many gardens due to their distinctive white, papery bark. Birch trees are not only beautiful, but they’re also one of the most well adapted trees to colder climates. In fact, birch trees thrive in arctic Canada and Alaska. The tree’s smooth, white bark is actually what enables it to survive extremely cold winters. This type of bark is highly reflective and therefore does not absorb the sun’s radiation. This helps the tree avoid becoming damaged by the rapid heating and cooling present during winter.


Evergreens are a great addition to any winter garden. Due to their unique genetic makeup, evergreens are able to maintain their bright colour year-round, just at a slightly lower rate. Though, it’s important to note that evergreens are not quite as strong as other winter-friendly trees, such as the birch tree. Sometimes, evergreens may turn slightly brown during the winter if not properly cared for during the summer months.

red twig dogwood

Red Twig Dogwood
Despite losing its blooms and berries during the Fall, red twig dogwoods exude colour in the Winter. This plant has bright red branches that maintain their colour throughout the winter, and serve as a stunning counterpoint to snowy landscapes and green shrubs.


Praised for its beautiful bright red berries, the winterberry is a 4-season favourite amongst gardeners. In the winter, this bush loses its green leaves, which are replaced with small, red berries that thrive all winter long.


Perhaps the most popular winter-friendly plant is the snowdrop. Snowdrops produce beautiful, white blooms that resemble droplets. These white petals will first appear in early November and will remained bloomed until January. Sometimes, these hardy plants can even last until February.

english primrose

English Primrose
Although most primrose plants bloom during the spring months, the english primrose is well-suited for winter. These plants come in almost every colour, and are perfect for adding a bit of personality to any winter garden.

winter honeysuckle

Winter Honeysuckle
If scent is your number one concern, look no further. The winter honeysuckle is one of the most fragrant winter plants. The bright white blooms on this plant exude a lemon scent, and can bloom from November - April depending on where you live.

lacebark elm

Lacebark Elm
These unique, stunning trees typically grow to between 40-50 feet in height. Lacebark elm trees are highly regarded for the rich colour and texture of their bark, and for their ability to survive cold winters.

winter jasmine

Winter Jasmine
Although winter jasmine does not release the signature jasmine smell, these yellow plants thrive in winter and provide a beautiful touch of colour to any outdoor space. You can expect winter jasmine to bloom in January.

springwood white

Springwood White
The springwood white bush is an old favourite amongst seasoned gardeners. This plant produces long white flowers and dark foliage. This plant is commonly described as abundantly colourful and reliable. Plus, it can also easily be grown in winter containers or planters.

The days of bland winter gardens are gone. There’s no need to wait until spring to enjoy you colourful, vibrant garden. With these plants, shrubs, and trees, you’re garden will be full of life even in the dead of winter.

If you have questions about how you can elevate your garden in the Winter, contact Turf Pro Landscaping today. We proudly serve London, Ontario and surrounding areas.